Services for individuals

At Raymond James, Monument we know how busy life can be and that sometimes the more mundane tasks, albeit important ones, tend to get pushed to one side.

That’s why it’s important to have a wealth manager on your side to help you look after your financial future.
Such support includes:

Investment Management

Our experienced wealth managers can make sure your investments are well diversified and aligned to your financial aims and risk tolerance.  With access to in-depth research and insightful economic commentators, we are well positioned to help you navigate both the challenges and opportunities the market may throw at you.

Financial Planning

A financial plan can provide a roadmap for you to follow to help achieve your goals. However, we all know roads donʼt go in a straight line, so itʼs key that your financial plan has the flexibility to take you down a different route if needed. A plan can include saving for retirement, putting funds away for your childrenʼs education or buying a new home.

Tax planning

It’s important that you make use of all tax allowances that are appropriate for your circumstances. This might include considering tax-efficient investment options such as Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs) and Enterprise Investment Schemes (EISs) where suitable.

Estate planning

We can help you protect your assets and ensure that more of your future estate passes to your loved ones. This includes looking at establishing trusts if appropriate, taking out life insurance, gifting, and making sure you have up to date wills and powers of attorney in place.

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