Our investment philosophy

Weʼve been investing for clients since 2000. During this time, weʼve learnt a lot about navigating challenging environments on behalf of our clients.

When it comes to portfolios, we believe blending passive, active and direct equities is the most cost-efficient way of delivering on the long-term objectives without taking excessive risk.

We also regularly review, monitor and rebalance your portfolio to make sure your investments remain in line with your agreed strategy and risk appetite.

Your portfolio will be based on your attitude to risk and might contain a mixture of direct equities, passive investments, active funds (OEICs, Unit Trusts and Investment Trusts) and ETFs. 

Our key principles


Balancing risk
and return

Investing for
the long term


balance with

Our assumptions

Inflation will eat away at the real value of capital over the long term if left uninvested

Higher returns require higher levels of risk to be taken

Investments should be made on a long-term basis – for at least five years

Tax wrappers and allowances are important tools in maximising returns in the long run

Risks are many and varied



Our research capabilities

Raymond James makes a host of research resources available to wealth managers from both in-house and external sources, covering macro-economic and strategic views, as well as equity research and fund selection tools to help us manage and build your portfolio.

Award-winning equity research written by Raymond James’ analysts, covering 1,000+ companies across 9 sectors

Global equity, economic and strategy research written by top tier, third-party investment banks as well as niche providers

Raymond James economic and strategy research from our Chief Investment Officer, Chief Economist and European Strategy Team

Daily morning research notes

In addition to these resources, Raymond James also releases a Monthly Market Commentary and an Investment Strategy Quarterly publication that are made available to download here.

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