Services for business owners

We’re here to focus on you while you concentrate on your business.

It’s our experience that many business owners, entrepreneurs and senior managers often find that they’re so focused on running their business that their own personal financial needs get pushed to one side.

Here are the different ways we can help.

Financial planning

We can help you create a comprehensive financial plan that reflects your personal and business objectives, current financial position and risk appetite. This can help you maximise your tax efficiency, ensure appropriate investment strategies are in place, plan for retirement and review your current estate planning needs, including how this may change should you exit the business.

Business succession planning

Working alongside your accountant and legal team, we can help you plan ahead. This may include strategies for transitioning ownership and management to the next generation or a business sale. At Raymond James, Monument we also help businesses protect themselves, their key people and shareholders through protection policies such as keyman insurance and shareholder protection.

Investment management

We have a long history of helping business owners manage their money, whether that be through a General Investment Account, investment ISA, trust, Family Investment Company or pension wrapper. We have even helped companies invest some of their surplus cash.
Our dedicated and proactive investment managers have first-hand experience of managing investments through both good and challenging times. With access to economic research and insightful commentary, they continue to provide piece of mind to clients.

Risk management

We can help you assess and manage risk, including insurance coverage for your business and personal assets, as well as your risk tolerance when it comes to your investment strategies. As noted above, keyman insurance and shareholder protection are also areas we can help with.

Cash flow management

Life can be uncertain and trying to work out how much you may need to retire is sometimes difficult. Our cash flow modelling tool helps to assess what cash inflows you may have and when, as well as what expenditure needs you might have in the future. This gives you an indication of how much capital you’ll need to build up, as well as future investment growth to aim for, to support you and your family later in life. This is particularly useful when looking to sell your business as it will help give you an idea of the value you will need to extract from any potential sale.

Family investment companies

Family Investment Companies (FICs) are becoming an increasingly popular way for business owners to hold investments. It is a structure that is familiar to many in business and can be a tax efficient vehicle to hold investments.

We can assist FICs in developing a tailored investment strategy taking into account its size, objectives, the directors and shareholders’ risk tolerance and investment time horizon, and work closely with your accountancy and legal advisers. Our investment management charges can also be offset against the company’s tax liability.

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